I never thought that time will come that I am going to encounter this fantastic website.  Everyone using internet it's a myth that everyone is looking for ways to somehow have simple means to earn online while doing things. This site that I would want to introduce is new to me, but when I've read the testimonials, reviews, my skeptic side was unleashed, and I've tried to register here, and I am happy because It's not just joining, participating like buzz, watching short movies, reading blogs, writing mini/ micro blogs, I was able to meet new friends as well. 


I find this site very interesting one. As I gaze through the site I find it quite difficult at first to use, scrutinize each buttons, discover things, arrange my profile, I find it very nice site. A simple site, that everyone would really love. The most interesting one is while I'm creating my  own avatar that will be shown on my profile. I've created a simple but nice avatar of mine, I can say. This site is called Bitlanders, this is really a very good site.  


I understand that creating blogs, microblogs, photo collections, uploads as well as of the video uploads and presentation must be unique, original, not for spamming or copying others work. 

Hope everyone enjoys here too. 

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