how to sign  up and how to connect your local card to be able to receive and send funds. This short blog of mine would like to help  you based on illustration on how these things will be possible.


Go to Payza Page to sign up for free account


after you clicked on sign up for free account, here is the next page you'll see.


for Personal Payza Account


The Page for Business to fill up if business account... Sign up for Free Payza Account


After you've signed you here is a sample of the page will prompt onscreen.


Please go back to the email address where you've signed up for Payza for verification purposes. Please see actual photos .


After you've clicked on the Validate my email. here is the next page that will prompt onscreen.



Complete Profile Setup:


follow the Illustrations below and Payza will be successfully setup


Please fill up all the needed information asked on the blanks correctly and honestly to be able to complete and finish your profile setup.


please follow the photos below.

Congrats for Creating a Payza Free Account

To locate the settings of your Payza account here is the illustrative actual page on how to locate it.

Please click on the account holder's name , shown on the picture below


For other questions or you may contact them, by clicking on the small box below right. please see photo below

How to add a Credit/ Debit Card Linked to your Payza account ?


please see photos below and follow.


1. Please go to Wallet, then click on Credit Cards


After you've clicked on Credit Card, Please fill in all the information to be able to avoid inconvenience.


see Photos... Click Next at the bottom to Save and go to next page.


This the next page to see.


Please tick on the small box , mark it as checked to be able to click "Submit"

After clicking on Submit, here is the next page to see. "Complete"

Card has been added to a Payza Account. Congrats !!!


I Hope my short and simple blog abut Payza helps you.

Don't think twice to create, it's free to sign up and free to add a card to your free Payza account.


*** The only charge is when the your credit/ debit card will be verified based on my real life experience for about $1 maximum of $5 amount depending on your location ( US Dollar convert to your local Money) .  But the amount that will be deducted from your card will be credited back again to your card *** Nothing to lose


***to get the code for verification of your card, be sure to know the contact details of your local bank that you will use for Payza, so that you may contact them easily where to locate the code that will be given by Payza.


to Sign up for Free, Click here now. Payza Free Account